"Early introduction is the new standard for food allergy prevention."(​Medical Daily, May 18, 2016.)



"Complementary foods, including potential allergens, are not restricted after 4-6 months of age (not applicable for infants experiencing allergic reactions)."​​

(Guidelines, prepared as a joint effort of the Section on Allergy and Immunology of the AAP and the Adverse Reactions to Foods Committee of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 2010.)

​"...several studies have show that introduction of foods like eggs, fish, milk and nuts during the first 12 months of life actually reduces a child's risk of developing food allergy." (Dr. Carolyn Sax, Boston Children's Hospital Pediatric Health Blog, March 2014.)

"...introduce solid foods into your baby's diet..between 4 and 6 months..there is no reason to wait until a baby is older before introducing highly allergenic foods, and some studies suggest that it may even be helpful to introduce these foods early." (Dr. Todd Green, Kids With Food Allergies website, April 2014.)

​"My clinical approach has long favored early peanut introduction..." (Dr. George Du Toit, Learning Early About Peanut Allergy investigator, quoted in NEJM online forum, March 2015.)

"...early feeding was not associated with increased risk of food allergy, so parents should have no concern about introducing allergenic foods in their non-food allergic children's diets.  Parents should consult with their Pediatrician if they have questions about the timing of introducing allergenic foods." (Dr. James Baker, CEO at Food Allergy Research and Education, quoted March 2016, prweb.com.)

"...early introduction of allergenic foods (egg, cow's milk products, and peanut) before age one should be encouraged and is better than food avoidance for reducing the risk of food sensitization."  (Maxwell Tran, lead investigator, The Effects Of Infant Feeding Practices On Food Sensitization In A Canadian Birth Cohort, quoted in public release by the American Thoracic Society, May, 2016.)

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